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Name:Aradia Megido
Aradia is a troll from Alternia. Like all trolls, she has black hair, grey skin, black lips, eyes with yellow scleras, and horns that are orange at the base and yellow at the tip. Aside from the coloration and horns, she could pass for human. (Most trolls have sharp teeth, but Aradia is an exception to this.) Like all twelve of the trolls from her Sgrub session, Aradia's around six solar sweeps old, which is equivalent to thirteen Earth years. She has long curly hair and similarly curly horns, like a ram's; she also habitually wears red lipstick and red mascara. Her makeup matches her blood, which is dark red, the lowest colour the hemospectrum has to offer.

At the point on the timeline she's coming in from, Aradia has wings in the same shade of red as her blood colour and is wearing her god tier outfit, which is also (coincidentally) red. As the Maid of Time, in charge of timeline management for her session, she has the ability to travel through time backwards or forwards as she pleases. (However, if she changes the timeline, the version of her who made the change will be doomed.) This is boosted to suitably godly levels after she reaches God Tier, though she still isn't omnipotent even within her domain, just very powerful.

On top of the powers given to her by Sgrub, Aradia has natural psychic powers, which is common for lowblooded trolls. She has telekinesis, which was magnified greatly when she died; she used it to chuck meteors at the Black King during the trolls' final battle. Aradia can also hear the voices of the dead, which guided her throughout her life and afterlife. She can summon ghosts as well, but the one time she does this in canon all they actually do is haunt the troll who killed them.

Aradia Megido is from Homestuck, and is the property of Andrew Hussie. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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